the new jonas song.

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I AM CRYING?????!?!?

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“that muthafucka is a demon” *closes window*

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Video Joe & Kevin were talking about in the live chat

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New Married to Jonas preview 2

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New Married to Jonas preview

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New Married to Jonas preview 3

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That awkward moment when the Jonas Brothers get asked if the foam they spray on fans at concerts is actually a metaphor…

Interviewer: Speaking of 3D, am I missing a metaphor with spraying your audience with white foam? Is there something going on there that I should know about?
Joe: *laughs*
Nick: That’s so weird. No, you’re not.
 Joe: *continues to laugh*
Interviewer: I’m not?
Kevin/Nick: No.
Interviewer: It’s not what I think it is though?
Nick: Absolutely not.
Interviewer: Good…That is very very good. 

OH MY GAWD. why have i never seen this before.

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When I came home from The Next taping in Los Angeles, I talked about this part. I said it was my favorite. It was. 

Kevin stood up and cheered. His family was cracking up. The whole crowd was. 

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Joe Jonas & Gloria Estefan The Next Performance “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” 

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Remember back when this used to be on Disney like every five minutes?

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